Statement by Gary Walkowicz on COVID-19

As the COVID-19 virus spread across this country, it is the working class which is bearing the brunt of this virus. Working people are paying the cost for a government that was unprepared to deal with this crisis despite the warnings it received; paying the cost for corporations who are more concerned about profit than our health.

To Use the Elections to Prepare for a Fight

The Working Class Party held its 2019 convention in Detroit on September 8. Every member of the WCP has the right to attend its conventions, and significantly more than half of those eligible were there, although a number came in late, arriving directly from work. There were also several invited guests, who did not have the right to vote or speak.

Results of Vote for Working Class Party

The results for Working Class Party in Michigan have now all been reported. They are as follows, by order of district:

Sam Johnson's statement on Garden City TV

Sam Johnson, Working Class Party candidate in Michigan's 13th Congressional District, was invited to speak about his candidacy on GCTV, Garden City, Michigan's Government Access TV Channel. His statement is reproduced below.

Andrea Kirby interviewed on Detroit IP TV

Andrea Kirby, Working Class Party candidate in Michigan's 9th Congressional District, was interviewed on Detroit IP TV about her candidacy and about a working class policy. A recording of her interview is reproduced below.

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