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Questionnaires for WCP in Baltimore, Maryland

Questionnaires and related materials are now available for David Harding, the Working Class Party candidate for mayor of Baltimore.

Questionnaires & Interviews for WCP Michigan

Many questionnaires and interviews with the candidates of the Working Class Party in Michigan are now available.

Statement by Mary Anne Hering about Schools and COVID

I have devoted my working life to teaching, and what is happening in the schools, with COVID, surpasses anything I have seen up until now in 40 some years of teaching.

WCP Statement about 2020 Campaign in Michigan

We face the rapid spread of a contagious virus because government raided public health funds, just like it raided funds for roads, dams, bridges, public transit, and education in order to hand out tax breaks, subsidies, outright gifts, to a greedy capitalist class.

Working Class Party Chooses Its 2020 Michigan Candidates

In its annual convention, the Working Class Party nominated its candidates for Michigan’s November 2020 election, reproduced below.

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