David Harding for Mayor of Baltimore

Candidate of the New Working Class Party of Maryland

For the November 2020 ballot, the Working Class Party of Maryland has nominated David Harding to run for mayor of Baltimore City.

Dave has lived and worked in Baltimore for many decades, as a ship yard worker, a steelworker, and as a computer operator for the Maryland Department of Health, where he has been active in the unions.

The Working Class Party officially gained ballot status in Maryland this spring of 2020. A few dozen volunteers went to markets, parades, MVA offices, and stood on street corners. Together we collected over 14,000 signatures, many more than the state requires.

Our new party is called Working Class Party, demonstrating our allegiance to our class. Speaking to tens of thousands of people to get the signatures, we discovered that this struck a chord with many people. When we talked about the importance of working people having our own political party and having a way to express our interests, many people were interested.

Workers’ interests are opposed to their employers’ interests. Having Working Class Party on the ballot in Maryland is one way to express that politically. It’s also a way to let workers' voices be heard, which doesn't happen under this two-party system.

Our goal is not just to be on the ballot in 2020 or 2022. We know that the big problems we face can’t be tackled until workers begin to fight.

But we are putting up a candidate so that working people can have a way to say they disagree with what has gone on. With their vote, they can express another point of view, which is that the working class needs to organize its own party. We ask you to join us in the struggle to make these ideas be heard.

Baltimore City voters can vote for the Working Class Party of Maryland this November 3 by voting for David Harding as Mayor of Baltimore.


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