Philip Kolody, Speech on Sept. 20

I am Phil Kolody, the candidate for the 14th Congressional District for the Working Class Party. I have been an investigator working for the Department of Civil Rights for over 30 years. I have seen the effects of discrimination because of race and gender and how it affects individuals and the whole society.

My experience working in the Michigan Department of Civil Rights showed me that piecemeal reforms can only fall short.  We need a complete transformation and restructuring of the whole social and economic order. To talk about practical solutions, without trying to transform society, is just empty promises and electioneering slogans. 

The program of the Working Class Party is a way of raising all these problems with as many workers as possible. I have faith in the Working Class Party. And we have faith in the whole working class, which can fight to bring about a new social order. That can’t be done overnight. It is a long term goal and it is what the Working Class Party aims at. 

Our enemies try to divide us. The enemies of the working class are not  in the working class. And the working class’s only friend is the working class.

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