Needed: A Working Class Party

Elections: Only a Lever

All of the candidates featured in this section want to see the working class build its own party, independent of the two parties that have long served the American capitalist class. Some of them helped do the work to put Working Class Party on the ballot in Michigan. Some, who are in states where the law makes it more difficult to organize a new electoral party, ran as independents or non-affiliated candidates.

All these candidates understand that the working class cannot solve its problems through elections, not in a society where the capitalist class controls all the levels of power. Elections were not the end goal of these candidates, only the beginning – a lever to pry an opening through which working people could express their anger and their desire to organize for the benefit of their own class.

All of them share this perspective: the working class, simply to defend itself, will have to organize itself to fight. To do that, the working class will need all its forces: black and white; immigrant and native born; women and men.

The pages that follow provide information on each of the candidates and their campaigns.

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