For a Working Class Fight, Based on a Working Class Program

In their unending chase for profit, corporations and banks stole the wealth our labor produced & they seized public money for themselves.

  • They cut jobs, cut wages and drove down our standard of living.
  • They destroyed schools and public services, eliminated social services.
  • They squandered the money they stole, speculated with it, hoarded it

The working class needs to put its hands on all the wealth the capitalists have stolen, take it back, use it for emergency measures.

  • Hire the needed teachers, repair broken roads, provide clean water. It could improve our children’s lives and ours – and also create jobs.

We produce wealth, enormous wealth, use it for the benefit of everyone.

  • Divide up the hours of work, reduce the speed of work -- so everyone can have a job, with no loss of pay to anyone.
  • Pay an adequate wage for everyone who works – there’s money enough in this society, no matter what company executives claim.
  • Make sure wages, pensions, Social Security, unemployment, disability and other benefits go up immediately when prices go up.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats would propose such a thing.

  • They represent the capitalist class whose drive for profit is a disaster for us.

We say: working people need to fix things. No one else will do it for us!

  • We work in the heart of the economy. We know what's going on.
  • Together, we have the means to control everything that happens.
  • Together we have the power to fix every problem we face – if we fight.
  • Together, we have the forces to defend ourselves and our fights.

Maybe few people are fighting today. But there will be a fight.

  • Our aim then must be to make the bosses pay for the crisis they created.
  • Our goal today must be to prepare for the fight, bring our forces together.
  • Today the bosses use divisions to weaken us. NO! We are all one working class: black and white, immigrant and native-born, women and men.
  • And the bosses will organize violence against us. We’ll have to defend ourselves, our fights, our whole class.

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