The Population Should Not Pay for the Bosses' Crisis!

Profits of the big corporations and banks have been growing by leaps and bounds.

  • A bigger share of the national income is today going to corporate profits than at any time since 1950 when these records began to be kept.

Those profits could have been put to socially valuable use — protecting the lives of the working population.

Instead of that, the corporations, with the banks behind them, hoarded their profits.

  • They paid them out in increased dividends and stock buy-backs — so the wealthy who own the corporations got wealthier still.
  • They threw them into speculation, creating new bubbles, bringing about new crashes every few years.
  • And they sat on money, trillions of dollars, which they put to no use at all.

Their never-ending chase for more profit pushed working people into the grip of a full-blown crisis.

  • The share of the people with jobs is the smallest it's been in decades.
  • Our standard of living has fallen back, lower than it was in the 1970s.
  • Our working conditions are becoming ever more atrocious.
  • The new generations coming up are living worse than did their parents.

There will be no recovery for ordinary people until the working class puts its hands on that hoarded wealth, takes it back, and uses it to provide a decent job for everyone, an adequate income for everyone.

For a Working Class Policy, A Working Class Fight!

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