Kimberly Givens: Candidate Statement

Kimberly Givens

I am running as the Working Class Party candidate for the State House, district 7.

I’m a working class woman who grew up with the sensibilities of the middle class. Work hard, get a good education, and you will reap the rewards. I’m the second generation Black Middle Class whose parents were given opportunities after the Detroit rebellion in 1967 to go to college for free. That opportunity helped propel them into good paying jobs and drove them out of poverty.

But those opportunities are no more. I’ve worked in the food service and hotel industry for over twenty years and have seen first hand how workers are treated – some of us have pay lower than the current minimum wage simply because they are supposed to receive tips for our labor.

We need to change the paradigm. Corporations should not be able to dictate what human labor is worth.

Workers should dictate what the cost is for our precious labor, and we have the numbers to do so.

Workers of all aspects of life need a voice and should be heard.

The Working Class is the largest segment of the population. We have to realize our strength and do what is necessary to secure, not just jobs, but make sure ALL jobs are well paid. You’re worth more than what corporations say you are worth. Everyone deserves a wage they can live on.

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