Simone R. Coleman: Candidate Statement

Simone R. Coleman

I am running as the candidate of the Working Class Party for the State House, district 14.

I started and ended my 32-year career at Wayne County Office of Public Service in boots, as a construction worker. I understand and respect labor. I believe if services are needed, they are worth being paid for.

If the economy is so great, how is it that we are becoming poorer? The workforce makes the ten-tier cake, but we only receive a small piece.

Corporations get tax breaks, make profits, give out bonuses to their executives and the people who own them. The rich have loopholes. If you look at all that money they take, there’s enough for us to have a living wage and health care. But we have to take it! The only thing we have to lose is poverty!

Let’s bring unity to the labor force. Respect all sectors of labor. Let’s make this society a better place for all.

I am asking for your help to lift our voices as the working class force of this society to regain what we have lost and to get more, every bit of what we deserve, as workers.

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