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CTU Endorses Ed Hershey for 25th Ward Alderman

Last night (Wednesday, January 14th), the Chicago Teachers Union’s House of Delegates, its ruling body, voted by a wide margin to endorse Ed Hershey in his race for 25th ward alderman. Teacher and Paraprofessional delegates, who each represent the school where they work, voted for a teacher who has stood up to fight for better schools in Chicago. Ed Hershey’s campaign will work to spread the message that working people have to fight for the schools, jobs and public services that they need.

"Die-in" at Lindblom, where Ed Hershey teaches

December 17, some hundreds of students walked out of Lindblom to protest the killing of young black men by cops. They staged a "die-in" on the front plaza of this Chicago city high school in the West Englewood neighborhood.

Interview with Ed about 2012 Teachers' Strike

After the 2012 teachers' strike, Ed was interviewed by Katryce Lassle for the Chicago Weekly, (now the South Side Weekly). We have reprinted the interview below.

Chicago Teacher Activist Interviews Ed Hershey

Jim Vail, a long-time teacher activist in the Chicago Public Schools, interviewed Ed about his campaign for Alderman in Chicago's 25th Ward. The interview appeared at on January 3, 2015. We reprint the interview below.

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