A Working Class Program for a System Stuck in Crisis

We have been living through the spread of a deadly virus – made more deadly by the capitalist system.

  • Hundreds of thousands of people will die because the public health system was not prepared to deal with the virus – or any deadly disease.
  • For decades, every government, Democrat or Republican, raided funds from public health just like they stole funds from roads, dams, water and sewage systems, and education.
  • Every government gave that stolen money away in tax breaks, subsidies and outright gifts to a greedy capitalist class. Public money went to their private profit.

We are living through an economy in collapse – made worse because government policies let the virus get out of control.

  • Even when their economy was “expanding,” the capitalist class was slashing jobs, cutting wages, making jobs temporary, part-time or contracted out.
  • The money made in production went into bigger profits, more wealth for the top 1%, and more speculation on Wall Street.
  • The uncontrolled virus just exacerbated all the problems of an economy already in crisis.

There is an answer to this crisis – an obvious answer

Take the money government gives away to corporations, banks and the very wealthy 1%.  

  • Use it to fund all the public services, including public health and education.
  • This would create a better, more sanitary, healthier and more fulfilling society to live in.
  • It would create jobs – including all those necessary to make every workplace safe.

Take back the wealth the capitalist class steals from our labor every day.

  • Use this wealth to guarantee everyone a job – with decent wages that keep up with prices.
  • If the bosses can’t hire everyone full-time, then slow down the pace of work, reduce the hours of work for everyone – with no loss of weekly pay for anyone.

The working class can fight to make this happen

Working people are essential. We make everything run. We know how everything works. Organized together, the working class can change the world.

  • No one else will do it for us. No one will hand us jobs and wages and a healthy country. Not the Democrats, not the Republicans, not Trump, not Biden. No one else.
  • But WE have power – when we stand together as one class, ready to fight.

We need all our forces to fight

The racism spewed by our enemies works to divide us, to weaken us as a class – whether it is spewed from Wall Street or corporate offices or the State House or the White House.

  • Our whole class has come under attack.
  • But the black population has suffered particularly, through the indignities and violence of racism locked into the way the system was organized from its beginning.
  • Recognizing this reality doesn’t take anything away from anyone else.
  • Facing reality, we will bring ourselves together as one class, ready to fight for jobs and a decent life for everyone.

We won’t change our situation with an election. But we can use this election to say there are people, tens of thousands of people, who agree with this program for the crisis.

Vote November 3 for the candidates of the Working Class Party

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