CTU Endorses Ed Hershey for 25th Ward Alderman

Last night (Wednesday, January 14th), the Chicago Teachers Union’s House of Delegates, its ruling body, voted by a wide margin to endorse Ed Hershey in his race for 25th ward alderman. Teacher and Paraprofessional delegates, who each represent the school where they work, voted for a teacher who has stood up to fight for better schools in Chicago. Ed Hershey’s campaign will work to spread the message that working people have to fight for the schools, jobs and public services that they need.

Hershey wants to thank Jim Vail, who raised the resolution in favor of endorsement, and who worked to publicize the candidacy among teachers.

Thanks also to all those teachers who have contributed money and spread the word that it will take a Working Class Fight if ordinary people are to have a decent life.

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