A Working Class Program To Combat the Crisis of Capitalism

We are living in a system that catches us in the bonds of inflation.

  • For that one percent that lives off of stock, inflation has been a bonanza. Millionaires became billionaires. Billionaires became … zillionaires.
  • But for the rest of us, inflation has been a disaster.

We are living in a system that cannot produce decent paying jobs for most young people.

  • For that one per cent who live off the wealth stolen from our labor, times couldn’t be better. They have gobbled up a bigger share of society’s wealth than ever before.
  • But jobs that exist are part-time or temporary or contract work – or full time only until you are laid off. They lack benefits. Pensions are a dim memory of bygone days.

And we are living in a system that still cannot prevent Covid from ravaging the most fragile part of the population. Over a million people in this country have died from it.

  • Blame for this terrible death toll rests on the two parties that run this political system.
  • For decades, every government, Democrat or Republican, raided funds from public health, just like they stole from roads, dams, water and sewage systems, and education.
  • Instead of using public money to serve the population, the two parties siphoned it off, turned it over to expand the private profit of corporations, banks and speculators.

There ARE Answers to Inflation

  • Everyone’s wages could be increased NOW. Minimum wage could be set high enough to support a family of four – comfortably. Instead of giving money to stockholders, companies must use it to increase our pay.
  • Wages should keep up with inflation. When prices go up, wages should go up an equal amount – and immediately. Pensions and Social Security should go up – immediately.

There ARE Answers to Unemployment

  • If companies say they have no openings, then let them slow down the pace of work to a reasonable one. That will provide many more full-time jobs – and be better for everyone.
  • If companies still say they can’t hire all those without work, then let everyone work fewer hours. That would create more jobs.
  • No one’s pay needs to be cut to provide these jobs. The wealth is there to create jobs, but it has to be taken back from the wealthy class, who stole it from our labor.

We won’t get these things without a fight

  • No one will hand us jobs and wages and a healthy country. Not Trump, not Biden. No one.
  • But working people have power – when we stand together as one class, ready to fight.
  • Working people are essential. We make everything run. We know how everything works. Organized together, the working class can change the world.

To fight, we need the full forces of our class, which is a powerful class – when it is united.

  • But to unite our forces, we have to recognize the reality of all the vicious ways our class is attacked and divided. We have to stand up against the indignities and violence of racism, against the blatant attacks on women’s rights.

We won’t change our situation with an election. But we can use this election to say there are people, tens of thousands of people, who agree with this program for the crisis.

Vote November 8 for Working Class Party candidates

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