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Working People Need a Party
Based on Our Own Class

WCP logo That party does not exist today. Instead, there are two big parties, both serving the capitalist class and its chase after profit. But working people can build our own party, one that struggles to unite all our forces in a common fight. We refuse to let the bosses set us against each other by race and ethnic background, by sex, by citizenship, by age, by skill and education. We all work for our living. We are proud to be part of the same class, the class that makes society run.

WCP MI candidates

Working Class Party

The candidates we put on the ballot in Maryland for the 2022 elections are workers who helped gather the signatures needed to recognize Working Class Party in Maryland. They are workers who have been active in their own work places.

Working Class Party is running David Harding for Governor of Maryland and Cathy White for Lieutenant Governor on November 8. Dave has lived and worked in Baltimore for many decades, as a steelworker, shipyard worker, and as a computer operator for the Maryland Department of Health. He has been active in two unions. Cathy has worked in many different jobs, babysitting and cleaning other people's homes, working in a pizza joint, a pet hotel, a nursing home, and a warehouse. She has worked at a photofinishing factory for the last 35 years.

They know what it means to work, to barely scrape by because wages don't cover what we need to live. But they also have seen how much their own class is able to do when it organizes together.

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