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Louis Palus interview on SEE-TV

Louis Palus, Working Class Party candidate in Michigan's 29th State Senate district, will be interviewed as part of the SEE-TV program on GRTV, public access TV in Grand Rapids.

Gary Walkowicz in LWV Candidate Forum

Gary Walkowicz, Working Class Party candidate in Michigan's 12th Congressional District, participated in the League of Women Voters' 2018 Candidates Forum.

Mary Anne Hering & Logan R. Smith Videos

Mary Anne Hering and Logan R. Smith, Working Class Party candidates for Michigan State Board of Education, produced videos for InformDetroit.

Kathy Goodwin Interview

Kathy Goodwin, Working Class Party candidate for the 5th Congressional District, appeared on the Tom Sumner radio program from Flint, Michigan on October 2 at 9 a.m. You can find the discussion with Kathy in the program's online archive. The hour begins with almost 20 minutes of news, then continues with a discussion between host Tom Sumner and Kathy for most of the last 40 minutes.

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