Kathy Goodwin: Speech: WCP Convention 2021

I want to talk about how the ideas of the Working Class Party can be a strong magnet to attract workers to the goal of working class unity and solidarity.

The Working Class Party insists that racism, sexism, and bigotry are poisons that divide the working class. The Working Class Party is based on the idea that working people are essential. We make everything run. We know how everything works. Organized together, the working class can change the world. We can fight for jobs and a decent life for everyone.

Now I want to contrast our ideas with the exact opposite ideas, which are far-right wing ideas. These are the reactionary ideas that far-right billionaires pour money into spreading. These are ideas that in history have been associated with terrorist organizations like the KKK, and groups that today might call themselves neo-Nazi or “Proud Boys” or “Oath Keepers.”

The propagation of far-right ideas has led to violence against ordinary people during our lifetimes.

Women and women’s organizations, like Planned Parenthood, have come under attack. Doctors and staff have been murdered.

Black people and black organizations like black churches have come under attack. Black people have been murdered.

Homeless people have come under attack by right wing gangs and been have murdered.

Gay, lesbian and transgender people have come under attack and have been murdered.

Immigrants have come under attack and have been murdered.

On the topic of immigrants, I want to detour and tell you a story someone else told me that makes a good point.

A billionaire, a worker and a new immigrant sat down together at a nice table. On that table in front of them were a dozen delicious donuts. The wealthy billionaire immediately grabbed and gobbled down eleven of those twelve donuts. With frosting dripping from his mouth, the billionaire then turned to the worker. The billionaire told the worker, “Hey, better watch out! That immigrant is going to take your one donut.”

This story, in a funny way, illustrates how billionaires use lies and half-truths to deflect attention away from all of the problems the billionaires themselves cause.

Today, life is hard and getting harder. We are living through times that make it clear to working people, nothing is “normal.” Nothing is the way it used to be. Things are falling apart. People are searching for answers. What the far-right does is offer old, moldy answers in new, deceptive packaging. The reactionary “answers” that the far-right delivers pit one part of the working class against other parts of the working class. As workers in an economy that is getting worse by the minute, we need for our very survival to come together.

When you understand the seriousness of the situation we are in, you know you need other people to stand with you. There is strength in numbers….

The Working Class Party stands for the idea that through common struggles, especially fights that win, prejudices will fall and workers who lead those fights can gain influence.

In the meantime, the Working Class Party can reach workers with more information about the real causes of our misfortunes.

One thing that I learned so far by being a candidate is this: Running for office gives all the people in your life who like YOUR ideas a chance to take a concrete step to support you. To take a series of steps, in fact. They vote for you. They tell their friends and family to vote for you. They themselves end up standing up for ideas when they think they are not someone who can do such a thing.

And in conclusion, I want to encourage other people to think about becoming a candidate. I want to encourage all who feel able, to help the cause of the workers by joining the chorus of working class candidates.

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