Working Class Party Prepares for 2024 Election

Sam Johnson, one of the original founders of Working Class Party, issued the following statement in November of 2023.

The Working Class Party of Michigan has decided to present candidates in the 2024 election. This will be the fifth time that Working Class Party will be on the ballot in Michigan.

Speeches from the party's 2023 Convention focused on some of the big issues confronting the working class this year. This, along with our usual program, is what we want to discuss with working people – in the streets, at markets, at the workplace, in neighborhoods, any place workers gather. Those speeches, by Andrea L. Kirby, Kathy Goodwin, Mary Anne Hering and Gary Walkowicz, appear on this site.

Andrea, Kathy, Mary Anne and Gary were speaking not just for the Working Class Party of Michigan by also for the Working Class Party in Illinois and the Working Class Party in Maryland. Both of those parties are gathering petition signatures in working class neighborhoods to put candidates on the ballot in their states.

In California, where election law is so restrictive it becomes almost impossible to put a new party on the ballot, there may be an independent campaign by people who agree with the same ideas.

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