Ed Hershey attends LWV candidate forum and more

Ed Hershey, Working Class Party candidate for the 4th congressional district of Illinois, attended the League of Women Voters candidate forum on Friday, September 30. A video recording of this online event is reproduced below.

Meet the Candidates of WCP Michigan

The Working Class Party of Michigan held a "Meet the Candidates" event on Sunday, October 2.

A Working Class Program To Combat the Crisis of Capitalism

We are living in a system that catches us in the bonds of inflation.

  • For that one percent that lives off of stock, inflation has been a bonanza. Millionaires became billionaires. Billionaires became … zillionaires.
  • But for the rest of us, inflation has been a disaster.

Needed: Schools for Workers' Kids as Good as Ones for the Wealthy

Throughout big cities and rural areas, students might as well not have been in school last year. Nine-year-olds in most of those districts fell so far behind that it will take them one whole year just to catch up to where they should be right now (according to the standard tests taken at the end of last year).

The terrible choice of abortion and the hypocrites who interfere in it

A woman and the fetus she carries are intimately bound with each other. Yet today, some politicians have taken upon themselves the right to decide for every woman what must happen during her pregnancy. Hypocrites! They moralize about abortion. What have they done to protect the lives and development of children already alive today? Nothing. What have they done to overcome the horribly high rate of maternal and infant mortality in this enormously wealthy country? Nothing, and this is the most outrageous. Most of those deaths could be avoided if the two big parties found the funds to assure decent medical care to every pregnant woman. Let them take back the tax breaks and subsidies they give to the wealthy classes.

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