Sam Johnson: Wrap-Up: WCP Convention 2021

Anyway, what it's going to take is to come together and to spread the fight everywhere. If more of us get the bigger picture, there'll be enough of us to spread it. That's what it's going to take. We're going to have to spread it. You can't win in just one place. 

Mary Anne Hering: To Mask or Not to Mask

We should refuse to be turned against each other, because the real fight is not over masking. The real fight is to take back the wealth we have created by our labor, and use it for our children, and the rest of society.

Cop is Convicted -- Convict the System Too

Statement on Guilty Verdict for Murderer of George Floyd

Total Results for WCP of Michigan

In the midst of an election campaign presented by the two big parties as a do-or-die contest, the Working Class Party effectively maintained our base, built up since 2016, when Working Class Party first made it on to the ballot in Michigan.

Results for WCP of Md in Baltimore Election

David Harding, candidate of the Working Class Party of Maryland, had 3,677 votes (as of the November 10 count) for mayor of Baltimore City. This was about 1.7% of the votes cast for mayor.

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